4 Easy and Cheap Transports From Lombok Airport To Senggigi

4 types of transportation from the Lombok airport to Senggigi this is a wide selection of services that you can use depending on the budget and your traveling style.

With exclusive style to avoid complication or backpacker style to get a cheaper price. Here are service options from Lombok Airport to Senggigi.

Let’s get details….

1. By Damri


DAMRI is a cheap and easy way to get to Senggigi because the provincial government provides this large bus as t direct public transportation from the airport to Senggigi Lombok.

You only need to pay about 2 USD and Damri can be found a few meters after getting out of the gate.

But not everyone chooses to use this service because it impressed less exclusive and time-consuming because it stopped at several places.

And little bit complicated if you have booked a hotel but did not know the exact location of your hotel and of course you will need transport again to get to the hotel because Damri has a certain point dismissal in Senggigi.

At the nearby art market Senggigi, you ask the driver location you go to, in order to simplify where you have to go next.

2. Pick-up Services

Lombok car rental offers pick-up from the airport with certain rate depending on the type of car that you want to use. This service is provided by a local travel agent.

In addition to the very ease you because the driver will take you to the hotel, you can also stop anywhere if you want to enjoy some of the sights in the time leading to Senggigi.

If you choose this type of transport, it’s good you order maximal 1 day before You arrive and provide information and arrival time of aircraft code you use.

3. Using an Airport Taxi service

Airport Taxi can also be very helpful because the rates on offer are cheaper than car rental. Around 15 to 20 USD depending on the area of Senggigi you are headed.

Taxi reservations can be done inside the airport or directly meet them, they are parking at only a few meters in front of the arrival gate.

4. Delivery Salesman

A group of men offers their services in front of the arrival gate, but we recommend that you avoid this type of transportation because they are less professional.

You can recognize this type of offer services that they use and the style of dress which is less tidy.

Hopefully the information the way from Lombok Airport to Senggigi is beneficial for those of you who are visiting and choosing Senggigi as a place to stay.