Gili Trawangan Island Indonesia

Gili Trawangan Island Indonesia

Lombok Tourism

Gili Trawangan IslandGili Trawangan is one of the the biggest of three small islands that is found beside  west beach of Lombok. Gili Trawangan is one of Small Island that is height above beach surface significant enough. Also Gili Trawangan  has many kinds of facilities. And the catchiest that Gili Trawangan is as Small Island in the world that has Irlandia’s pub. Located of Gili Trawangan is in Gili Indah village, North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

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Posterior, some reasons why we must visit Gili Trawangan:

  • The Fantastic Under Sea Nature

Gili Trawangan has under sea nature that is so wonderful. Water Sea in this island is so clear, with blue and green gradation that is decoration it’s sea. Because the water is so clear, tourists directly can see fish and coral from above ship that sail, without dive. But, if the tourists want to enjoy more, they can dive without afraid, because sea flow is so calm.

  • Free Pollution And Motorized Vehicle

This is the best from Gili Trawangan than other islands in Indonesia. Motorized vehicle is hard forbidden for operating there. As substitute, transportation that is used is cycle and Cidomo ( Cidomo is traditional transportation in Lombok ).

  • Sunset And Sunrise

Gili Trawangan has sea that faces west and east. Distance between these seas are not too far. Just with take a walk or use Cidomo, the tourists can enjoy sunset and sunrise in one island with accompaniment music and romantically atmosphere.

  • Friendly Society

Except wonderful nature, another something that make tourists catchy to visit Gili Trawangan is friendly society. If the tourists do not believe it, they can try to take a walk round Gili Trawangan, they will find friendly society that will give friendly greeting to them, and if the tourists are astray in Gili Trawangan area, the society will help them for finding the true way.

  • The Beautiful Night World

This is the important when the tourists visit Gili Trawangan is night world atmosphere. There are many pubs and accompaniments music can make the beauty tourists’ night will become merry.

  • Enough Accommodation

In Gili Trawangan do not be afraid about accommodation, because in Gili Trawangan there are many kinds of resort start from cheap resort up to expensive resort. The tourists can choose what they want and suit with their money.

  • Honey Moon

As island that is enough with nature beauty, Gili Trawangan is good choice for taking Honey Moon with new couple. Because in Gili Trawangan, new couple can enjoy and do something in nice atmosphere and beautiful place.
Except points above, still there are many activities that is the tourists can do, as like Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Playing Kayak, Surfing. And also, the tourists can enjoy traditional culture from Lombok, the name is Presean (Stick Fighting) that usually is shown in art market in Gili Trawangan.

So, let’s visit Gili Trawangan for making our family, friends, and couple feel happy and comfortable, shall we ?.

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About Lombok Island

About Lombok Island

Lombok Tourism

About of Lombok Island – Lombok Is An Island In Small Sunda Or Nusa Tenggara Archipelago, Separated By Lombok Strain From Bali To The South West And The East Of The Alas Strain From Sumbawa. This Island Have Circle Form with Sort Of Tail on the North West, Which Length Is 70 km, Having Size of This Island Is 5.435 km2, Get at 108 Rank in Island List Be Based on Width in All of World.

Lombok Island PicturesLombok Is One Of Part From Component A Province, That Is West Nusa Tenggara. Lombok Owns Divided Become Some Parts Of Regency/City, That Is:

  1. West Lombok
  2. East Lombok
  3. Center Lombok
  4. North Lombok
  5. South Lombok ( There Isn’t, Because Still Process That Possibly Will Be South Section In Region, Like Sekotong Village., And
  6. Mataram City ( As Primary City In This Island )


Lombok Island Society Is For About 80% Sasak A Part or Often Called “Sasak Tulen “. While 20% Is Balinese, Java, Arab, and ect.


Language Is Used By Society In Lombok Is Sasak Language. Because Sasak Language Is Daily Language. But Is Not All, Because An Other Society, Work world, And Education World Use Indonesia Language.

Sasak Language Is The Real Language From Lombok Island. Sasak Language Can Be Found On Four Kinds Dialect, That Is :

1.    North Lombok Dialect

2.    Center Lombok Dialect

3.    East Lombok Dialect, And

4.    Tenggara Dialect


In Lombok Island Most Of All Its Society Follow Islam Religion. Followed By Hindu Religion Who Followed By Bali Generation Society That Totality For About 15% From Population. And There Are Religions Also Like Chritian And Budha.

In This Island Also There Is Horde Follower Current Whice Name “ Islam Wetu Telu “   ( Three Times Islam ). Actually Islam Wetu Telu Is Not Diffirent With Islam. Just Only In Islam Wetu Telu The Duty Of Praying Just Three Times, Because Imfluence Disseminator Islam In The Past Who Teaches Islam In A Stages Manner And Because Something Haven’t Sufficient Time Perfect In Their Dakwah. Current Or Follower Islam Wetu Telu Can Be Found In North Lombok Regency Region, Exactly Bayan Region.

Best Tourism of Lombok

Lombok Is Beautiful Island, Fullfil With Views And Nature Wealth. That It Makes Lombok As One Of Chosing From Tourist Rubber For Take Haliday, Tourist Is Not Only In Country But Also Out Country.

A Tourism Place In Lombok, Such As :

Rinjani MountainSenggigi BeachGili or Small Island

Rinjani Mountain Is Mountain Is Located In Lombok Island. Rinjani Mountain Is The Second Highest Volcano Mountain In Indonesia. The Length 3.726 m dpl.

Rinjani Mountain Is Favorit Mountain For Indonesia’s Climber Moreover Tourist, Because Beautification Its Views. Rinjani Mountain Views Is Not Only Because In The Peak But Also Because There Is A Lake, That Is Segara Anak lake. Where As In Around It Be Round Land Which Wide Enough For Camping And In That Lake Also There Are Many Fish Which Can Be Fishhook.

Climbs Rinjani Mountain Usually Crawded In August Month, In Particular On The 10 th To The 20th, Because The Climbers Want To Celebrate 17 August In Rinjani Peak While Was Enjoying A Beautiful Nature, In Particular Indonesia.

Senggigi Beach Is One Of Place Which Most Famous In Lombok. Located In Beside West Coastal Area Lombok Island. In Senggigi Beach Tourist Rubber Will Be Greet Softening Breeze Which Very Comfort. Be Welcome By Beautiful And Cleaning Beach Coastal Area, And Tourist Rubber Also Can Do Satisfied Snorkeling For Looking Beauty Views Under Sea And Corals which Fowering To Center, Induce A Big Wave Is Divided In Middle Of Sea, Sure That Will Add Full Power This Beach.

Tourist Also Is Not Need Worrying For Home Stay Or Hotel Problem, Because In Around Beach There Are Many Home Stays And Hotels.

Gili Is Name For Small Island. There Are Three Most Famous Gili Be Tourism Place In Lombok, That Is :

1.    Air Gili

2.    Meno Gili, And

3.    Trawangan Gili

But, Both Of Which The Biggest And Most Crawded Visited Is Trawangan Gili. In Trawangan Gili Tourist Rubber Can Enjoy The Wonderful Beach, Sunrice, Sunset Phanorama, And The Interest Night World With Party Situation. Be Side That Tourist Also Can Do Satisfied Snorkeling, Playing Kayak, And Surf.

Beside three tourism places above, still many another tourism places in Lombok island, like :

1.    Kuta Beach

2.    Pink Beach

3.    Sembalun

4.    Monkey Pusuk Forest

5.    Narmada Park, And

6.    Bayan Belek Mosque

Culture of Lombok

As A Wealthy Island, Lombok Is Not Only Rich With Nature Beautification But Also Culture Variety, A Culture In Lombok, Is Like :

Oncer Dance/Gendang Beleq

This Dance Is Spring From Lombok, Given Name Gendang Beleq, Because When Draw Out Using Very Big Gendang Beleq. Last Time Ago This Dance Is Used For Convoy Or Accept Soldier From Lombok Who Will Go And Come Back From War Area. This Dance Also Is Used For Reception Guest In Big Even As Homage.


Peresean Is One Of Develop Tradition In Lombok Island. In This Tradition Is Shown Duel Between Pepadu ( Fighter ) Who Mutual Zap With Rifle Like Penjalin ( Rotan Stick ), And Hold Out Uses Ende ( Shield Body From Animal Skin ).

In Peresean, Marking The Winner Is Seen From Its Dribbiling Blood Enemy, If Enemy Have Dribbiled Blood From His Component Body, So Thought Lost. During Fighting Peresean Also Be Companied By Gamelan Music.

Topat War

Topat War Is Tradition Throwing With Peace Use Ketupat, Wearing Custom Uniform, A Thousands Lombok Societys From An Other Religion And Tribal Gethers In Lingsar Shrine, The Biggest Shrine In Lombok Remainder Karangasem Kingdom. Topat War Is Reflection From Harmony Religious In Lombok.

That All, Little String Of Word About Lombok. May This String Of Word Be Usefull For everyone.

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