Lombok Tour Package 5 Days 4 Night

Program of Lombok Tour 5 days 4  nights: (Pick up Airport – Sasak TourGili Trawangan  TourWaterfall – City Tour – Out)

Here’s a place that you will visit on the program of the tour 5 days 4 nights:

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5

Pick up airport-check in hotel
The guests are picked up in Lombok international airport, next taken up to hotel for check in hotel and the event is free and 19.00 o’clock we will pick up the guests for diner event in local restaurant, after dinner come back to hotel and event is free.

Sasak Tour
Our tour guide will pick you up in hotel after breakfast. The first visiting, you will visit Banyumulek village center of Gerabah and ceramic with export quality product, next continue to Sukarara village, village that produce traditional Kain Tenun Ikat that has artistic motif and design.

Next tour, continue to Sade village that is as one of traditional village in Lombok inhabited by real Sasak tribe that is still keep Sasak traditional culture that is unique till today with home floor made by mud that that combined with Kerbau dung, while the wall made by bamboo and the roof made by Alang-Alang grass. After that, you will be invited to Kuta and Tanjung AaN beach, as long as trip is wonderful views with white sand beach.

Lunch created in one of the best restaurant in kuta, that is Tastura restaurant, In the closed program today, we will invite you for visiting center of Lombok specific parcel, like visiting industry of pearl, jackfruit palm sugar, honey, Lombok shirt and another hand industry. After contented make a tour of expense, the guests go to local restaurant for dinner event, after enjoying dinner; the guests come back to hotel.

Gili Trawangan Tour
Our kindly tour guide will pick up you in the hotel after breakfast to continue the touring. The first tour visiting is Pusuk tropical forest that is located in north part that is famous with the nature beauty and its air that is cool, and inhabited by monkey.

Next tripping to Gili Trawangan that ineffective blue sea exotica with coral that filled kinds diverse of fish, and some water sport activities as like swimming, diving, and snorkeling are favorite activity for all tourists. If you do not want to swim, you can use glass bottom boat for still able to enjoy its sea biota. If you want to around this island, you can rent cycle or Lombok special Andong that called by Cidomo.

After satisfied to enjoy beautification of Gili Trawangan, at tripping, tourists will pass Lombok island north beach strip. Malimbu hill unanimous homeward tripping, directly go to dinner event in local restaurant and after enjoying dinner, directly go to hotel for checking in and event is free.

This tour package will bring us to explore nature beauty like mountain views on north part of Lombok Island. Our touring will pass the way that is reach research beach area with spell of views that is so entrance. In this touring, we will be brought to the traditional village of Sasak tribe that is Seganter village, a village still rear and keep sustainability of culture and Nenek Moyang tradition of Sasak tribe in the past, this matter is looked from life style everyday and their building of house architecture.

Next our touring will go to Sendang Gile waterfall for enjoying beauty of nature panorama with coolness and freshness of the air. And the last visiting is Bayan village, a village that is the society still believes trust that is called with Wetu Telu, it that is combination between HINDU and ISLAM. After enjoying the touring, going to local restaurant for enjoying dinner, after dinner the guests come back to hotel.

City Tour-Out
our tour guide will pick you up after processing checking up finishing for joining program city tour that is one of short relative program with the propose for visiting some places that become as shopping center and government in Lombok island as like Ampenan that called as old city, Mataram, Cakeranegara, in addiction this tour also will be shown to you proof of kingdom story that is ever exist in Lombok island in the past that is located in Mayura Cakeranegara and now become as recreation place for society around with family.

Except Ampenan city, Mataram, and Cakeranegara are Narmada and Pura Lingsar parks. Narmada Park located in Narmada city that is also estate History Park that builds on 17 of century that is famous with spring ageless that liked by most of Lombok general tribe believe that drink its water become ageless, whereas Pura Lingsar is the old pura that is located building for about at 17 century.

This Pura become history proof as harmony religious people in the past which is in this Pura Sasak people (Wektu Telu) and Hindu are praying together in one complex be harmonically and calm. And as close program you will be picked up for shopping specific Lombok parcel, as like honey, salt egg, Lombok pearl, palm sugar, clothe, and another parcel. After finishing shopping, going to airport for transfer out, the programs finish with recalls in Lombok that unforgettable.

The price has included:

  • Car and gasoline while touring
  • Driver and tour guide professional
  • 03 x lunches in local restaurant
  • 03 x dinners in local restaurant
  • Lunch box
  • Snack box
  • Face towel
  • Price enters in tourism object
  • Boat for passing Bangsal-Gili Trawangan-Bangsal

The price has not included:

  • Plan ticket
  • Hotel for staying agree with choice
  • Personal needs


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