Lombok Waterfall Tour

Lombok Waterfall Tour – This tour package will bring us to explore nature beauty like mountain views on north part of Lombok Island. Our touring will pass the way that is reach research beach area with spell of views that is so entrance.

In this touring, we will be brought to the traditional village of Sasak tribe that is Seganter village, a village still rear and keep sustainability of culture and Nenek Moyang tradition of Sasak tribe in the past, this matter is looked from life style everyday and their building of house architecture.

Next our touring will go to sendang gile waterfall for enjoying beauty of nature panorama with coolness and freshness of the air. And the last visiting is Bayan village, a village that is the society still believes trust that is called with Wetu Telu, it that is combination between HINDU and ISLAM.

The price has included:
-Car and gasoline while touring
-Driver and tour guide professional
-1 x lunch in local restaurant
-1 x dinner in local restaurant
-Lunch box
-Price enters in tourism object
-Local guide in tourism object

The price has not included:
-Plan ticket
-Hotel for staying agree with choice
-Personal needs

Gallery of Waterfall will be visited

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